Hi! I am Damini, your poetess and a storyteller.

Poetry is rhythmic and yet free from ordinary flows and flaws. The idea of freedom that poetry offers, has always intrigued me. There is so much left to the imagination that with every reader and every reading the poem attaches itself to multiple stories, perceptions and visions. I created one but it gets recreated manifolds with every reader. There is an inseparable aspect of personal touch and element of vulnerability but it is also a great game of concealments. You get only what you seek.

My poems have revolved over themes of love and attention, Societal conditioning, depression, Identity crisis, hopes and fantasies. In my capacity, in the simplest and subtle ways and words, I have registered my disagreements. In a reading, it looks like a wishful created world. But I have created the opposite in the wires of the same. I introduce to you my first public work- ‘IN GOOD HOURS WITH FROST’ (available on Amazon, Flipkart and Notion Press Webite). I hope you enjoy my subtleties. I will be more than happy if my content appeases your insight.