Welcome to the team. If you have joined us onboard I cannot today itself assure you how good this shall go. This is left for us to engage and find out.

I had only thought about starting to write meaningful and researched articles on relevant socio-economic topics and create a repository of the same for my friends but since most of you seemed interested in proper face-time talks and discussions, I have added two categories in the forum.

1. "What Damu thinks?" This will be updated by me. You can make your contributions by adding your viewpoints. 2. "Conversation with friends" In this, we shall do a face-time call, record and publish it on our website. We shall try and achieve meaningful conversations. These will be moderated by me. Ideally, these should not be longer than 15 mins. That means participants will get to speak for not more than 2 minutes. Only members I approve of can participate. Let us try it for this week. If it works we will continue. Moreover, we will have to set some rules for this one.

Fill the google form to participate in the face-time discussion happening tomorrow 4 pm . Link provided here-

https://forms.gle/r3Tw1CsxGgEyvTiY8 Learning can become easier and fun with friends who share what they know and not judge us for what we don't. Happy diversifying, Love Dam



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