Two levels of adjustments.

Yesterday a miner was held captive. He broke rules and let all feathers lose. In return for a sum he handed a patch

mostly not under his administration. He touched and held possession But an acquisition was his fate

destined to separate. He transformed the land for better and he did not change. Nature abrogated at his doors And it washed his possession

in a deadly flood.

He is not sure what happened.

It will make sense if you understand the difference between acquisition and possession. Hint~One is a right and the other is NOT a right.

A keeper is not the right holder but a keeper.

Sometimes we confuse our roles and over reach our noses irking the freedom and space of our loved ones.

It's not our fault. We know very little about boundaries when we love. However, it doesn't make it right. I still have to learn a lot and I hope you too acknowledge the same soon.


Dam :)