The blue-white tapes

in my music shelf

are undusted

as those memories,

and my feet

are trained

to routinely walk

the passageway

that we created

paddling the yellow grass


to our workplace.

Do you remember?


I recall,

how the trail of my apprehensions,

whispers of your blinking emotions,

my idiosyncracies and your eccentricities,

my funny dances and your perfect songs


How, while diving in woods and waters,

we met,

and it all mattered.

Do you remember how composed

it moved?

It's a universal truth.


I will be gone

and so will you.

But the essence

of our presence

will combine

every possible corner

in this space

like a timid fragrance

only to be re-identified

whenever we visit again.


these memories

will remain

and so will the essence

in parts

relevant to me

and those to you.

And if you don't or cannot,

stay untroubled


I will remember you.

Another poem from my upcoming work! This one is inspired from a Walt disney fantasy film 'Coco' that I was introduced to by a dear friend. It tells about the relevance of memories and stories in our lives and afterlife.