IN GOOD HOURS WITH FROST now in Paperback!

“There are doors and multiple windows, among dark heavy clouds a tinge of clear sky, discovering self and similar stories with dynamism of lives and moods, anonymity of happy givings and many such sweet little sentiments, is a passageway traced by this book.”

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Dear friends and family,

I am humbled by the amount of love, trust and encouragement I have received from you throughout my writing and publishing process. With this little step I have merely travelled a mile but I feel immensely contented and delighted to tell you that the book is now available in paperback, e-book ( Printed and distributed by Notion Press) and audio-book ( distributed by Author’s Republic) as well.

Without taking much of your time here are the relevant links-

To know what the book is about and why you should read it, I have explained in detail here- (This is from the time when the book was out for kindle readers only.)

A few sample chapters from the book-

My website-

Here are the links from where you can buy the book. -

1) Amazon (Paperback/Print)

2) Amazon (e-book)

3) Notion Press

4) Audiobook also available on,, i-tunes, scribd, hoopla, downpour, overdrive, Findaway, Libro FM and a few others.

In pursuit of getting a beautiful story out, I have travelled far and there is lot more to explore. I took a lot of time to bring my hardwork into this beautiful book. I dearly hope that you love it.

With love and regards,

Damini Rathore.