Let's Go Home

My first idea of a love story is surprisingly as intact as any incredible idea from yesterday about antibodies or powers of the Governors in India, that I happened to study for an exam. Or may be it's the only story I remember from the earliest times. Though, it is not a love story in the conventional sense but it's an incredible one that I was fortunate to have read in my 8th standard language course.

A little boy goes home from the usual day at school forgetting that today was not going to be a normal day back home. He shouldn't be expecting a fruit pie or even his mom waiting for him. Only realizing~she has gone away for 'forever', he gradually walked closer to an empty home after dropping from his school bus. This was Kelvin Sio's 'Let's go home'. I had never understood love and loss like this ever before and I cried. To my wonder some 10 years later when I lost my doting grandfather I wasn't as involved in the ceremonies or felt the loss.

I cried only when I saw my little sister cry. Her laughter and her weeping is infectious. I couldn't hold myself in that moment. I felt I was the worst grand-daughter ever.

I would like to think- probably I am that little boy from the story who has forgotten that when she would be home, she wouldn't find her Grandpa in his regural rocking chair. I am not there yet and I can't go back. He hasn't gone. I will sure see him some day, some where. That's why probably I don't feel his death. I only feel his absence. The conventional love stories had least of my attention while I was growing up. As a teenager I saw parents disagreeing and assumed they don't love each other. I saw other people unhappy. People who I thought were in love were unhappy too. Happiness seemed so underrated everywhere. It's the due in every social transactions we engage in. We don't realise it. Often, when we do we are already late or sorry or tired to make an effort. However, I have had a different opinion ever since I had been in love and later, when I was out of it. I am home and I have learnt 'Love is kind and simple'. :)