I wasn't supposed to be here. I just landed in the right place wrong time. I am searching for someone.

That look on his face seemed to question who?


Well, I am not sure who I am searching for. It is either her or the reasons she left unanswered.

It is sad that the incompleteness of things angers us. We demand closures to pieces without realizing it is a luxury.

Often, outside these fantasies in a human world, we will have to sleep on the thought of something important and meaningful to us remaining half examined or partially known.

Quietly this restlessness you are experiencing will fade into your cells and the aggression will turn passive. The wrath of which will catharize into rain and will flood the spaces that were full of living people before.

It is there you will meet your embarrassments, disgust, hatred, regrets,

And, all that you never were.

The new you has surprised you. Don't stand disappointed. Do the expected.

Give up the search without giving upon her. You know this- the complete truth might cost you more than you can afford.

So, Let it be. Let her be hidden in the covers.


She will tempt you to find her. Skip the clues she left you. She wants to be in solitude with awareness that the noise in distance is about her. She wants to live hugged in a belief she is missed in the world she has left behind, with you in it.

She wouldn't want to be found but only people caring to find her. That is the value of her, she is wishing to calculate. I hope now that she is gone. You are relieved.

I can sense it in your nerves.


I answered- My mate. I am looking for her.

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