Life Whispers, Love.

Our stories are driven around the human connections we build and lose, through the entire time of our living here.

We unfold into characters we could ever imagine making us proud and sometimes also ashamed of our choices.

This perennial noise mutters away the sense we could find in the lapping waves.

The Waves,

who whisper the only life we crave while we stay

and it fades as we run away

into the darkest corners

we keep in secret.

The inherent good will never invite you, my love,

into the terrible comforts of the deepest dwellings

where I have begun to belong.

Because I love you more.

I love you more than myself. So, I fear losing you to my depths.


And even though this darkness

resists, I still crave your lights through the crevices of the windows I shut,

hiding your vision,

pretending to cut the string

that connect

you and me, and

Our hearts.

I sleep everyday

Imagining I am home

to you. And, my head rests in your lap.

I feel your delicate touch through

my hair and scalp.

I know

I surely do know

this is the life

I suppose

the waves whisper.