The Long Wait is Over now!

The unabridged Kindle E-book 'In Good Hours With Frost' is now available on 11 Amazon marketplaces worldwide.The Paperback and Audio-book will be out soon. In this ordeal join me by talking about the story and the issues contained in it. I have got it to the market but I can't reach beyond my social circles without your help.

To give you reasons on "Why you should read the book?" I will list out a few.

1. It will make you feel that the author is into your head and is speaking for you. All the reviews I have had till now contained terms like"strikingly similar" , "relate-able" , "I felt the same" etc. Frost's monologue will be more of your experience than hers. It's worth your time.

2. Talking about the time. It is a short, one-go read. So it wouldn't be much an effort over your daily chores and priorities. It has 12 short chapters. Each of which can be covered in maximum 5 mins and minimum 1 min.

3. The themes like depression, identity crisis, love, sensuality, societal conditioning etc which are contained in the chapters, resonate our moods and state of mind such that whenever and wherever you read it, you would be bound to revisit them again.

4. It speaks your story in a very creatively different tone , thereby making poetry easy for you to understand and if you haven't followed poetry before who knows you may end up befriending it thereafter.

5. For those who fear my vocabulary, I apologize. I have worked upon your feedback. A section at the end of the book has been provided which has the nearest meanings and explanations of a few loaned and occasionally used words. You will not have to google but simply turn a few pages and look up for the word. Thus, you can now enjoy the read without a break.

6. I can assure you, this story will not disappoint you. It is an ageless story and this is the best incentive I can offer.

7. This book might help you gauge about your mental health. To those who have have unfortunately been into depression or are battling it at present might find the book helpful.

And if none of these reasons work for you, please suggest it to someone you know, who might be one of the kinds to like it, read it or be in a capacity to critique it . Yes! I am open to all praises and critiques alike.

Help me reach it's appropriate audiences by buying the book for yourself, lending it, gifting it or suggesting it to others, either by the word of mouth or by reviewing it on your respective platforms. And even by just looking up for it on amazon or adding it to your cart and never buying. :p

Get your own copy of the e-book for free.The promotional deal starts today i.e Sunday, 17th March 12:30PM till Tuesday, 19th March 12:30 PM. The book is free for those subscribed to Kindle Unlimited. For others with kindle, you can make most of the free promotional deal. Those who do not have kindle, do not worry. Kindle app can be accessed on all devices for free from google play-store. You can add it to your cart easily by logging in through your Amazon account. Also Kindle cloud reader allows you to read without the need of downloading any app.

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