These fragile hearts

These fragile hearts

and massive oceans,

speak similar kind of heartaches

I think I can no more be indifferent

to what I see, I offer

kind auras

to souls that pass close by.

I can now know

what it means

to be in someone's shoe.

And, I don't fit,

sometimes even in mine.

So, I borrow pain.

As it is easier to laugh in its presence.

For without whom I would not know

what 'Happy' is.

I look at them

and appreciate.

They are carrying smiles and acts with

all the baggage and weights.

They are pieces of broken ceramics.

There are no clean slates,

but fragile hearts and distorted brains.

Sometimes, I wish I could help,

to fix them all.

Fix all

these broken pieces of ceramics

and myself

into the art, they were before.



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