What keeps us up?

Although I try to be kind to myself, I most often end up doubting if I should continue. There is a consistent apprehension in the position of a storyteller. I am trying to reinvent myself and I keep wondering if it is justified to keep myself tied to a vulnerable space where it will be easier to be seen and noticed.

I especially care about turning into someone I am not and being embarrassed about it later on. But in the process of it, I have realized that each one of us is forgiving, kind and so similar.

Just one assurance is enough to stick on the road. If what I wrote could affect and could tender the soreness of your struggles, your experiences or could provide warming acceptance to your emotions; I will continue.

Here is one such review of our book by Dr Sapna Dogra published in New Academia: An International Journal of English Language

 and Literary Theory  (Online ISSN 2347-2073)

Volume IX Issue I Jan. 2020, Editor:   Dr. Sachin Londhe.

I am quoting a paragraph from her article -

W B Yeats said that “We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, but of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry.” It is true that poetry sometimes is borne out of conflicts with self on the one hand, and helps resolves them on the other. Damini Rathore‟s In Good Hours with Frost is a book about powerful feelings and vivid sentiments that aims at unravelling the cores of the troubles that runs deep within Frost, the protagonist. This is Damini‟s debut book and looks promising. The book is compelling as it invites readers to engage with the character of Frost. Even though there‟s not much action within its pages the readers will find themselves deeply involved, intrigued, perplexed and affected.


I am very happy and proud that we began our journey so humbly. We are slowly learning and quietly preparing for the one we are soon to begin.

Thank you for treating all of this like your own. I am humbled. :)

With love,