Something has changed

I feel beautiful

Every single day.

Even with pathetic moods,

Frizzy hair, the invented moons,

Toothless smiles,

All my complaints

And even in the absence of you.

I feel beautiful.

I am not the person

I was yesterday.

I am growing older

With newer freckles,

Stories and grey hair.

Now, I travel without plans.

I am forgetting Days and people.

I am learning and

Unlearning at the same time.

Shedding parts of me

And earning some.

I feel it so strong.

May be,

It's the readjusted

Mirror in front

Or the lights.

I feel a perfect illusion.

I am not exhausted

By transitions

But comforted by warmth

Of the new found home

Within my own doors.

And, I believe

I am the most beautiful person

I have known.

An ode to all beautiful beings. :)

It is desirable to expect a few comforting words from our closed ones. But, sometimes they might just miss to convey the same especially when we would want to hear it the most.

They make their best efforts to be around us but human efforts are inherently erroneous. I am trying to subtly make a point in this poem. I hope you enjoy the idea.

And, thank you for all the love and appreciation. IN GOOD HOURS WITH FROST saw it's first book fair in Delhi this September and is now headed to Pune Book Fair, October. See ya!